Establish the potential together

ChatGPT about AI:

“With AI, we can unlock new possibilities and advancements that were once considered science fiction. It enables machines to comprehend human language, interpret images and sounds, and interact intuitively. Through machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks, AI systems continuously improve their intelligence by processing and learning from data.”

Is this a warning?

So, systems are going to improve their intelligence! Isn’t that what science fiction typically warns us about.

Worthy assistant

It took me some time to realize that ChatGPT is not a text creator; it’s a conversation – with an assistant in training, who pulls facts, verified or unverified from the web. The challenge lies in trusting this partner. It delivers information so convincingly, that my initial reaction is to believe everything and copy its output into my own texts. I have learnt to give it the right prompts and I check the output.

The purpose of AI4Culture

Image by wayhomestudio on Freepik

One area I want to focus on is the responsible use of AI. I want to use AI, but I don’t want to inadvertently scorch the planet.

Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon, and in a sense, so am I.

In my defence, as a communications specialist, AI and ChatGPT now inevitably belong to my field of attention.

Join me to:

> develop useful digital and AI projects for culture and schools 

> create guidelines and governance principles for the use of AI in education

> stay updated on discussions and publications by governing bodies in the Netherlands, the EU and the USA

> identify best practices from other AI makers and users

Spellbound by AI

Are you thinking about AI? So am I. The growing curiosity and interest surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) have captivated us like magic.

Turn this into action

To put it to work, I am involved in a work group on digitalisation and AI, which has stimulated the creation of a project that enhances culture education in schools.

In my pursuit of finding safe and appropriate applications, I seek further collaboration with think tanks, advisory bodies, and creative groups in the field of culture and education. Together, we can unlock the potential of AI in the arts, performing arts, theater, dance and singing with exciting projects that don’t burn us.

Burning with desire

Not for nothing are we eager to join the conversation. Forget science fiction, AI is now a reality. We feel a mixture of excitement and alarm. Learning by fire, we delve into the realms of experimentation of this groundbreaking technology. Burning with the desire for endless possibilities, we stumble mesmerized. Yet, like with fire we also sense the scorch of AI’s potential disruption.

The applications of AI are extensive. It can improve efficiency and productivity, automate routine tasks, provide personalized experiences, enhance decision-making processes, and even assist in solving complex problems. From voice assistants and recommendation systems to autonomous vehicles and medical diagnoses, AI is transforming the way we live, work, and interact with technology.

While we marvel at AI, we also want to address the challenges and concerns it presents. Ethical considerations, privacy, bias, and the impact on the job market are among the topics that need careful attention as AI continues to advance.

As always, when working with groups my aim is to shape a responsible and inclusive approach.

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