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Performance Art

I work with teachers and performers for the production and programming of educational and outreach projects and shows in Dutch schools.

Projects with STET The English Theatre provide quality, professional, international theater in English for audiences across the Netherlands.

Connections in Europe, Great Britain and America. Proud to work on being an inclusive and accessible theater provider.

For international workshops, I have taken care of planning, marketing, enrollment, payment, hosting, travel and performances. I often assist the teacher.

Preparation of materials and introduction of guest teachers, providing background and historical details, administration and PR.

Qualified and experienced choreographer for jazz and theatre dance, teens and adults, recitals, shows at my own school.

Other work includes Vidal Sassoon catwalk in London and national TV performances in Tokyo.

I have choreographed and worked with large productions of children’s musicals including The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Shrek.

Familiar with dance styles: Jazz, Luigi Jazz, Jack Cole, Matt Mattox, Fosse, Horton, Modern, Graham, Contemporary, Limón, Classical ballet.

Current voices and trends from urban, mixed and diverse backgrounds have opened new avenues in dance. It is exciting to see emerging styles take their place on stage, studio and online.

I am proud to be part of the Luigi Jazz network and “family,” with whom I stay in contact continuously. I practice and have taught Luigi’s Warmup and Style. 

A legacy dancer, I have practiced and often performed for 40 years. Performer in Guys and Dolls, Maria de Buenos Aires, SMAP background dancer in Japan and cast on Thai television.

In-person or activities online, with Zoom or Teams etc., have kept me consistently in touch with studios and companies involved in the arts, as well as some very amazing individuals, researchers and notable persons, who I work with regularly.

My network stretches from USA to Europe, by way of London and New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. I appreciate new horizons to grow these networks and connect people.


Around the Munich area in Germany I set up regular dance classes as a teacher in my own school and freelance for studios and festivals.

For middle and high school students, I devised and taught French and English conversation classes in their afternoon school program.


At East Grand Rapids Schools, Michigan, I choreographed musicals, sat on the organizing committees of sports activities and presented as cultural ambassador.

Teaching at Rudolph Steiner School, Landsberg, Germany: Language classes. Member of Parent Council.

For 3Cs International Women’s Group of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA I was the co-leader, organizer and member involved in communication, educational seminars and trips.

For the performance arts, I have pulled together communities of dancers for workshops and shows, in and around Munich in Germany as well as Los Angeles, Amsterdam and New York.


Qualified by the Center for Natural Healing, Munich, Germany after a responsible, holistic and medically approved, 2-year diploma course.

My knowledge serves informational purposes and publication. I don’t run a practice, but I am available for incidental coaching.


Efficient preparation and satisfying food, with “something for everybody”, we should provide nutrition that is tasty and preferably not processed. I like to manage my cooking so that it fits an active lifestyle.

Fresh herbs and spices make a difference, when salt can’t.

It’s ok to love cake.

Enjoy your food, whether it’s nouvelle cuisine or farm table pot-au-feu. Make sure it’s fresh and avoid unethical products. Eat local and seasonal produce when you can.

We are familiar with how it should be, but let’s also find ways to make it happen!


Qualified with a German State Diploma (Fachübungsleiter): Trainer Exercise and Fitness (with Choreography).

Yoga and swimming complement my lifestyle. Movement is life. Build it into the day. Take time for relaxation afterwards.

Making friends in sports and leisure activities is fun and builds healthy communities.



The above banner is a picture of New York which I took from my window during a stay there. I am fascinated by these buildings and how they symbolize grandness, initiative, entrepreneurship, ambition and communities.

New York is alive because it is a place of human connections. To succeed, a business needs to connect with people. Target your customers empathetically. Get to know them. You will need intelligence,  psychological insight and experience in different environments. 

The basis for commercial success is a good product and understanding the local need.

Communities thrive when lifestyles inspire. It is important to remember that we are social beings who create things together. We bounce ideas off each other and bring our ideas into the group.

I want to know your story, your company’s mission. As we share that we achieve real estate goals that match your vision.

If we build with honesty and awareness, we can be inclusive and diverse. Together we support the environment. In business we aim for sustainable practices. As individuals we respect eachother.

Did you know “community” is the new buzzword?

It’s about the people first. You and them, of course. Respect that thought and it will bring security and financial yield. Get to know your renters and stay up to date on events related to your property. Make sure everything is in order and plan strategically.

Who do you want to rent to? Choose a type of client. How can you best manage your building? It’s essential to stay in touch. Keep your renters up to date on maintenance and their contract.

Projects - Past and Present

STET The English Theatre

Education and Shows. Quality English-language theater workshops and performances in schools across the Netherlands.


An Indian-dance based company with contemporary and meaningful choreographies, who perform all over the Netherlands.

International Press

KLM Holland Herald and Asian inflight magazines. The Japan Times, Thailand Times, Gemini press service, DuTch magazine, and various agencies worldwide.


Cultural and Non-profit Direct Marketing and Telemarketing company, Los Angeles, USA


Dental research and manufacturing laboratory, St. Maur, France.

London Business School

Higher education institution. Dept. of Design Management, London, England


Grand Rapids Association of Realtors, Grand Rapids, Michigan. USA

Bavarian Sport Association

Authority and training institution for sports across Southern Germany linked to the Olympic Committee, Munich, Germany.

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