about me


My name is Ghislaine Kruit Gamaggio, or “Gig” for short.

I am a reliable communications agent and project manager, working in a variety of sectors mainly the arts, theater and dance, performance and culture, and involved in global matters.

InHerOffice is where you will find me. It can be at a desk, remote or on location. I work freelance and on contract.

You are my hero, dear client! Your needs are best served here: InHerOffice is where your success is my motivation. I work with passion and dedication. My purpose is to engage in projects I believe in and I like to build meaningful relationships.

Do you want to grow your business or tell your story? I have a toolbox of skills and broad international experience, which I apply to manage your projects and reach your audiences strategically and sustainably.

I work with groups and individuals, particularly in the Netherlands, who need excellent English-language texts, targeted content and translations, someone to trust with their business, who is resourceful, a team-player and pleasant to work with.

I am also a trained dancer and choreographer.

I look forward to working with you.


A good listener, ready to pick up tasks that need action, Gig was a reliable co-leader of the largest women's group of Michigan, helping it to grow and have fun. She shows creativity, is reliable and takes her responsibilities seriously.
Marielle Levert
Leader, 3Cs International Women's Group
Gig brought music and movement to life for hundreds of students at our school. She was so much more than our choreographer, she was magical with her touch. She could take a group of elementary students and after a couple of weeks they looked like a professional group and they were all dancing and moving with joy and purpose! Gig is so talented and through music and dance she inspired us all! She is dearly missed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but she left behind many confident, happy children who learned to dance and perform together!
Jane Siegel
Musical Director, Wealthy Elementary


What to expect when you work with me

I am usually available by text and email any time. I will respond to messages and phone calls if not immediately, then within 24 hours. Longer absences will be communicated.

I grew up in different countries: Holland, England and France, started a family in Germany, and stayed long enough to master the language completely. I have worked and lived in Japan and Thailand, and spent many years studying and working in the USA. I integrate the languages of all those countries into my daily life and work.

Very well. I have learnt to adapt very quickly, because I want to connect with people sooner rather than later. I don’t judge and I accept. With empathy and knowledge, I try to ‘live’ another’s culture. If something is new, let me take a look. Innovation helps us grow. 

I take time to make it right. I am detailed and meticulous and will spend the hours necessary to do the research. At the same time I can act fast. I have a quick mind and I am used to producing projects efficiently. You will find me surprisingly resourceful.

At all times, I follow the regulations and advice set by the authorities in the Netherlands and the countries to which I travel, including Covid rules.

Useful Activities

I know the right people because….

I do a fair amount of volunteering because…