Disclaimer 1

On this page I express thoughts and use examples, that are my personal opinion and express my experiences. I don’t wish to offend anyone. So if you disagree with anything here, this is fine. Hold it for yourself or please enlighten me. I am the first person to accept new ways of looking at things. At all times I ask though for my commentators to remain friendly and civil. I don’t intend to judge or pollute and I kindly ask that, on this website and in my social media, you also don’t. As a promoter of cultural diversity and inclusion I work on harmony between all communities.

Disclaimer 2

The opinions and statements on this site are general in nature. They are my own, unless otherwise specified. I have made every effort to be correct and inclusive, however I cannot be held accountable for the validity of statements. In case of doubt, I must allow for a certain amount of subjectivity with which I never intend to harm or criticize the object, person or behavior in question.

Buttons and hyperlinks may lead to other websites that do not reflect my opinions. For questions about the information thereof, I ask you to refer to those responsible for those websites.

The content of my website can and will be changed at any time and without notification. I reserve the author rights to the texts and photos that I publish and that are my own. Texts and photos that are not my own are taken from free sites, that have released the copyright for general use. These items are usually not credited. In case proprietary material is used from an acknowledged and consenting other, then they will be contacted and credited.

Privacy Statement

InHerOffice respects your privacy. I will not use or share the information you give me in your correspondence and on the message page inappropriately or without your consent. The information you provide is used solely for the purpose of our work together, to communicate and for records pertaining to our working history. Your personal details will not be shared for commercial purposes nor sold in the form of a mailing list. The information you leave behind are for example only your name, telephone number (optional), email address, and the content of the message you leave me. This information is stored in my private database for the duration of our working relationship and beyond when we are considered a network with mutual interests.

In case your details need to be shared with a third party, in the execution of services on your behalf, relating to our work together, only the essential information will be shared and you will be notified. Third parties are obliged to respect the privacy rules also, however I am not responsible for their use of these details.


When you visit this website, servers will automatically store cookies. I cannot influence this. Please visit the sites of servers and third parties for their policy on cookies.

At present, I am not actively nor intentionally using any tracking software that uses cookies, tracking tags and embedded third-party features for the use of profiling, marketing or data retention.

There is no advertising on this site until further notice.

If you wish to know more about how your details are handled and stored, or if you have a complaint, please contact me at the number or email given on this website.

This Website

I created this website myself with no prior knowledge, by trial and error, and by watching many tutorials. It is not bad. No doubt I’ll be changing it as I progress. I used WordPress, with the Elementor plugin. The logo is designed in Canva.

My purpose in telling you this, is not only to confess that it’s not perfect, but to show that I develop skills as needed. I will tackle the software programs and systems required for the job. I am aware of SEO, and I stay up to date by learning communication tools, while remaining active throughout the internet.

Indeed, I find it essential to be well-versed in various software tools. This way I can offer my clients real support and appropriate strategies based on experience.

I probably won’t make your website, but I know what goes into making one. My job is to oversee it and provide excellent content.