…I’ve either been there before or I know someone who has! This is because of my background: working and living around the world.

The benefit of this mobility is that I became pretty good at adapting to local cultures. I learnt how to connect and understand people, as I sought out social groups and activities for myself and my family. Professionally, it was exciting and essential to find work and develop business projects.

If you need someone to find and connect with the right people and who has a positive attitude, I am here to help with the legwork. I help strategize and manage plans from scratch, change directions if needed and get people together when it’s relevant. Such openness, initiative and resourcefulness will give you the innovation and flow you are looking for.

I especially reach out to an English-speaking, international audience: expats, businesses, students, teachers, schools and artists.

Target audiences 

Make international connections 

Create cultural awareness